Tomahawk Paintballs

Tomahawk Paintballs are produced in the Roball factory in Campina, Romania and bears in mind the needs of a large European Paintball community. Our products are the result of more than 20 years of experience in the encapsulation business, together with 20 years of knowledge of the Paintball industry from our mother company Estratego International. The management of the company has been involved in competitive and recreational Paintball extensively, having professionally run paintball fields since the early nineties and has since earned a reputation for dependability and reliability not matched by any other Paintball brand in the industry. 

Today, Tomahawk is known for producing the best quality paintballs in the world. The company’s commitment to producing the best paintballs can only be achieved from its continuous search for the best manufacturing process and highest quality standards. From the raw materials to the finest machinery and Information technology, we spare nothing to find the optimal formula to yield the best Paintballs in the market.

Our Paintballs